Global Renewable Energy Production Agreement

We the citizens of the planet earth agree to produce our energy from power plants that only use renewable energy resources in the future.

We agree to impose 200% Taxes on all new gasoline cars and gasoline sales.

The GREGASOLINE PA TAX shall be imposed on new gasoline cars within 2 years of this agreement and within 10 years on gasoline sales.

We agree that only renewable resource energy power plants will be built from the date of this agreements adoption.

Member countries agree they will build and operate renewable energy plants to supply free clean energy to its citizens at no charge for energy.

The costs to build and maintain this free resource energy will be through the normal tax systems already in place in members countries.

Member countries may only charge its citizens for energy from the GREPA Energy Grids around the world for 25 years, after which time all citizens of earth will have access to FREE CLEAN ENERGY from the GREPA ENERGY GRID which will be overseen by a Council of GREPA NATIONS.

Member countries agree to impose a 500% Import Tax on any products imported from any Nation not part of the GREPA Council.

Member countries agree to never disrupt nor attack even in a war the GREPA Renewable Energy Plants of any GREPA Country.

We the citizens of the planet Earth voluntary enter into this Agreement in order to make a more perfect planet for our children and for the future generations of humans and all species that inhabit our planet.


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Global Renewable Energy Production Agreement

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