GREPA is an International Non-Profit Organization


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GREPA is an International Non-Profit Organization




GREPA is a Global Renewable Energy Plan that can provide the World with FREE CLEAN ENERGY in a relatively short period of time.

The greatest threat to the extinction of humanity at this point is time, is the damage to our biosphere that all humans have helped to create. That damage has been caused by energy grids that rely on carbon fuels and also toxic nuclear power plants.

If the human race agrees to adopt GREPA, this will enable the biosphere to heal and for the planet to nourish many more generations of humans in the future.

GREPA was created by Dr. Sol Adoni many years ago and already we have seen humanity start to wake up and move in the direction of clean energy solutions. We have seen many countries start to build hydro power plants all over the world with China and Brazil being two of the greatest examples of clean energy power plants becoming the majority of new power plants these nations are creating. We have also seen the first generation of mass produced electric cars occur.

Your job as a citizen of Earth is to spread GREPA and elect politicians that will agree to make your country AGREE to Adopting GREPA.

The only resistance to GREPA will be Oil Companies and Energy Companies that have almost destroyed our planet through almost two centuries of chasing profits instead of being globally responsible companies.

GREPA can work and your way of life will change very little if we adopt Grepa. By adopting GREPA the planet will have CLEAN ENERGY and everyone will have FREE CLEAN ENERGY.

GREPA will mean:

No bills from your power company. There is no cost in resources to use free clean energy after the power plant is built and a minor tax will fund the upkeep and staff to keep such plants running. World governments need to put the monies they spend on things like weapons on providing free clean energy to its populace.

No carbon from energy plants will also be the result of countries adopting GREPA.

The world needs to halt all new construction of nuclear power plants. We all need no more nuclear plants that create toxic nuclear waste that can harm humans for thousands of year. Already we have seen terrible nuclear disasters such as Chernobyl and Fukushima. The greatest threat to humanity besides carbon pollution that is accelerating Global Warming is the threat of nuclear disasters due to most of the nuclear power plants on earth are on active seismic faults that can cause not only devastating collapses of nuclear power plants but Tsunamis can wreak havoc on nuclear plants as well as was seen by the effects of a Tsunami on Fukushima.

95% of GREAT QUAKES (8.5+) strike on the Triangle of Fire and most of the worlds nuclear plants are located close to these huge quake lines. Nuclear power plants are not designed to withstand a near 9.0+ earthquake, nothing can withstand such huge seismic quakes that literally shape continents over time.

Carbon pollution from gasoline cars is another major source of pollution that damages our biosphere. If you will still have a gasoline car, you are harming the biosphere.

Small Electric cars that are charged from clean energy grids is the solution. While companies such as Tesla are showing how electric cars can be as luxurious as gasoline cars, they are mostly connected to dirty energy grids which produce the same amount of carbon to power their energy hog cars. The way to help the problem is not energy hog electric vehicles such as those produced by Tesla, but by producing cars that have a small need for energy. An electric car that uses the energy of a gasoline car that gets only 20 MPG in equal energy from a dirty energy plant is the same as a car burning fossil fuels that gets 20 MPG. So Tesla is at this point not helping the planet.

Small electric cars that are equal in energy consumption to a gasoline car engine getting 100 MPG would greatly reduce carbon emissions and any electric car attached to a clean energy grid will be the ultimate way to heal this planet.

By countries adopting GREPA you won’t use gasoline and the energy you use in your home will not be from nuclear energy plants or from carbon fueled plants.

Carbon from cars and energy power plants are the main causes of greenhouse gases around the world. You can believe in global warming or not, it doesn’t matter. Adopting GREPA will give you FREE CLEAN ENERGY.

Do you want that? FREE CLEAN ENERGY. Of course you do.

In a short amount of time GREPA will force most people to do one thing, replace their old carbon gasoline cars with electric cars. EVERYONE will have electric cars in about ten years if we adopt GREPA.

GREPA COUNTRIES will impose a very high tax on one thing immediately to make GREPA work. That one new GREPA tax will only be on new gasoline cars.

Car manufacturers right now can produce and do produce electric cars. Yet most people are not buying electric cars. If every car overnight became electric, carbon from cars would be eliminated. Eliminating carbon from cars is that simple, have people drive electric cars.

If you adopt GREPA, your next car will be electric when you buy a new car. If you CHOOSE to be a carbon polluter, no problem, GREPA Countries will impose a high tax on all new gasoline cars.

The choice in Stage 1 of GREPA is yours. You can choose to pollute the planet with a new carbon gasoline car or become a RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN of this planet and replace your old car with an electric car when you buy a new car.

Is that too much to ask you? It is not. Responsibility for a CLEAN PLANET and CLEAN ENERGY begins with YOU. So look in the mirror and say, I’m ready to heal our planet and I won’t buy another GASOLINE CAR.

You can say no to GREPA and buy gasoline cars, but you will pay for the damage to the planet YOU ARE DOING WITH GASOLINE CARS.

Expect to see a 100% to 200% TAX ON ALL NEW GASOLINE CARS IMMEDIATELY. That is STAGE 1 of GREPA, a high tax on new gasoline cars to fund renewable energy plants worldwide. Anyone buying a new gasoline car is a carbon polluter and the new gasoline cars will be taxed at 100% to 200%.

Electric cars are made now and if you told car manufacturers that due to GREPA the public would have to pay HIGH TAXES on gasoline cars in the near future, they would make sure that the next car you purchased was electric by having a large stock of moderately priced electric cars.


Not everyone can buy a new electric car. But for years, lots of people have been buying gasoline cars when they have electric cars in front of them to choose from, most have chosen gasoline over electric. So consumers now must PAY FOR GASOLINE CARS an environmental tax for the damage THEY CHOOSE TO MAKE.

STOP BEING SELFISH. YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY and it begins with one minor change, your next new car must be electric. It’s that simple to put GREPA into action.

Now some people have never bought a new car, they can’t afford it. Some people can’t even afford a car. Yet in so-called rich nations like the United States the populace owns more cars than it has citizens.

The United States is one of the largest carbon polluters in the world from gasoline cars and many in the United States won’t like being told PAY THE GREPA TAX on new gasoline cars, since they have been over polluting the world for over a century.

The young minds in the United States and around the world can see the older population of the United States and other so-called rich countries have been over consuming energy and over polluting the world for over a century.

GREPA has hope that the younger generation around the world realizes carbon pollution is a major problem and the high gasoline prices from oil companies need to be put in check.

GREPA Stage 2 will commence in 5 to 10 years after the start of Stage 1. It will allow people who cannot buy a new electric car to acquire a used electric car when the new electric cars being sold at Stage 1 GREPA are being turned in for new versions.

GREPA has several simple stages that will lead to FREE CLEAN ENERGY for everyone.

Stage 1 is new cars sold must be electric or a high tax on gasoline cars will be imposed to force people to buy and use ELECTRIC CARS.

Stage 2 is having old cars replaced with used electric cars for consumers that can’t afford a new electric car.

Stage 3 of GREPA will start in about 10 years.

Stage 3 is to impose a high tax on ALL GASOLINE SALES.

By Stage 3 of GREPA most new cars being sold will be electric and by Stage 3 cars will for the most part be replaced with used or new electric cars.

At Stage 3 of GREPA in 10 years anyone trying to use a gasoline car will have to pay 100% to 200% TAX PER GALLON on gasoline.

By adopting GREPA almost everyone on the planet agrees to be using an electric car within 10 years. Those that don’t adopt GREPA will have a 200% TAX on new gasoline cars and a 200% TAX on Gasoline. So you can choose to pollute the planet with gasoline or stop polluting the earth from gasoline cars. The line in the sand is being drawn, you are either a carbon polluter or not. If you choose to pollute the planet for future generations you will pay high taxes on the car that pollutes and on the gasoline that pollutes. ELECTRIC CARS and ELECTRICITY are not high carbon polluters. STOP POLLUTING.

That means in 10 years there will be almost NO GASOLINE PRODUCED. Carbon from cars will be reduced to almost nothing. Yet you will still be paying for energy, which will be the electricity to charge your electric car.

Stage 4 of GREPA is making your electricity FREE and TOTALLY CLEAN.

Power companies have spent a lot of money creating the modern GRID system of energy. Stage 4 of GREPA is bringing new GREEN POWER PLANTS on line to the existing grid to replace carbon and nuclear plants.

GREPA proposes that Stage 4 be done to create FREE CLEAN ENERGY for everyone on the planet.

There is no profit incentive for energy companies to use RENEWABLE RESOURCES ENERGY PLANTS that use only natural free energy resources such as hydro (water), wind, solar, tidal and other renewable natural resources.

Hydro Power Plants use water energy. THE RESOURCE IS FREE to Hydro Power Plants, but it does cost money to build such plants. So GREPA puts forth the proposal of nationalization or globalization of all future power plants.

No new power plants will be allowed to be built that use carbon or nuclear energy.

That is Stage 4 of GREPA an agreement by all countries that adopt GREPA to not build new power plants that use any resource that is not renewable.

To fund the construction of new power plants that use renewable resources GREPA proposes that 50% of all current government budget expenses for military costs be diverted to BUILD RENEWABLE ENERGY PLANTS.

The fact is, wars and military budgets have been used for decades to PROTECT OIL COMPANIES and OIL FIELDS.

Stage 1 of GREPA and Stage 2 of GREPA will make gasoline obsolete for the most part. How much of your yearly budget now goes to BUY GAS for your car? Thousands of dollars a year for most people.

To implement GREPA, politicians who agree to adopt GREPA have to be elected around the world to adopt and enforce GREPA.

Such politicians will know they got elected to adopt and enforce GREPA, so they will pass laws in their countries to adopt GREPA and then pass laws that mandate military budgets that protected oil interests for decades be  redirected to building RENEWABLE ENERGY PLANTS.

The POWER GRID is the POWER GRID. Greed is the reason that the grid is currently fueled by carbon and nuclear plants, GREPA forces countries to BUILD ONLY RENEWABLE ENERGY PLANTS and run them.

Take the monetary incentive away from power companies to build carbon and nuclear plants and use MILITARY MONIES to build GREEN ENERGY PLANTS.

One by one the energy grids power plants will be replaced with RENEWABLE ENERGY POWER PLANTS.

Hydro Powered Energy Plants

Solar Powered Energy Plants

Wind Powered Energy Plants

Tidal Powered Energy Plants

Thermal Energy Plants

Planetary Electric Energy Plants

The Power Grid can in a short time of 25 years and no more than 50 years be totally powered by NEW RENEWABLE ENERGY POWER PLANTS.

Retooling the worlds power grids with new plants means lots of jobs building new GREPA RENEWABLE RESOURCES POWER PLANTS. GREPA will help people around the world have jobs BUILDING RENEWABLE ENERGY PLANTS.

If every government used 50% of their military budgets to BUILD RENEWABLE ENERGY POWER PLANTS, in 25 to 50 years the worlds energy grids would use no carbon and no nuclear energy.

Some countries have already seen how renewable energy is in the ultimate interests of their citizens. 98% of the power in Norway is from Hydro Plants. Over 85% of the power in Brasil is from Hydro Plants. Almost 70% of the power in Venezuela is from Hydro Plants and over 60% of Canada is from Hydro Plants.  Sweden is close to 50% Production of Energy by Hydro Power, Russia has almost 20% Production from Hydro and India has a little over 15% production. China has close to 25% Hydro Power and it also has the most Hydro Plant construction in the world at the moment.

The United States has only 5% production from Hydro Plants and Japan is little better with only 7% Production.

A minor cost would be needed for governments to maintain wires on their power grid and transformers and to supervise each GREPA Power Plant, but there would be NO CARBON FUEL or NUCLEAR WASTE produced by power plants in 25 to 50 years if governments just used military monies to BUILD RENEWABLE ENERGY PLANTS.

We have the technology now to totally eliminate carbon and nuclear energy from our energy grids.

But we all must agree to make this historical change in how our planet creates and uses ENERGY.

Once the worlds energy grids have been rebuilt to use only renewable energy in all power plants, the world would have essentially FREE CLEAN ENERGY to power their homes and their cars.

Our children and our grand-children would have a future where our actions made a better world for EVERYONE.

Oil Companies will not want you to drive electric cars. TOUGH

YOUR CAR MUST BE ELECTRIC and in a short amount of time ELECTRICITY will be CLEAN and FREE for your electric car and for your home.

Governments have the money NOW to build quickly a whole new generation of renewable energy plants, but these power plants cannot use carbon or nuclear fuel.

The person that gave mankind its modern electrical grid system envisioned such a world, a world with FREE ELECTRIC ENERGY.

His name was TESLA.

Governments around the world need to nationalize or even globalize ELECTRICITY and it begins by converting carbon and nuclear power plants to renewable energy plants.



GREPA will create lots of new jobs building RENEWABLE ENERGY PLANTS.

Just forcing governments to USE OUR TAX DOLLARS to build renewable power plants instead of using our tax dollars to buy new toys for war is how we REBUILD OUR ENERGY GRIDS to have CLEAN FREE ENERGY in perhaps as few as 25 years and no more than 50 years.

Energy Companies and Oil Companies will not want to see the world obtain FREE CLEAN ENERGY.

GREPA is how THE PEOPLE take charge of our planets future.

If you agree to adopt GREPA, you will still have a car, but IT WILL BE ELECTRIC. If you refuse to adopt GREPA be prepared to pay the price, a very high CARBON TAX on any new gasoline cars.

In your life time you can live to see FREE CLEAN ELECTRICITY if we all work together through GREPA to elect politicians that will PROTECT OUR PLANET and make ENERGY FREE AND CLEAN FOR EVERYONE.

If everyone had an electric car there would be NO NEED FOR GASOLINE. Cars use gasoline, most transportation vehicles use diesel. Trucks, Planes and ships mostly use diesel or aviation fuel. So oil companies would still exist but all their money will be made from industry not individuals. ENERGY for PEOPLE to use in their homes and cars would FREE CLEAN ENERGY if we adopt GREPA.

Countries should levy high taxes on all carbon fuels in industry, this will force industry to start to use electric rail to ship products and start to use smaller electric trucks to do local deliveries. Having high taxes on marine diesel will make companies rebuild local manufacturing jobs since shipping by sea will become too expensive.

Bullet trains can travel from New York City to Los Angeles in 7 hours. So even most aviation can be shifted to electric rail. Again building bullet trains and increasing rail capabilities will mean jobs to rebuild the rail industry which can use FREE CLEAN ENERGY.

Aviation that is needed over the ocean will be expensive, but the idea of GREPA is to shift industry back to a more localized system of rail delivery that can use FREE CLEAN ENERGY and to ween the world off of cheap global shipping by air and sea that requires fuel that creates a high carbon footprint.

Our modern world requires ENERGY and it should be as TESLA the creator of AC Current envisioned it, a CLEAN FREE ENERGY SOURCE.

Using high speed rail for distant travel without crossing the ocean is  possible. Creating manufacturing jobs to create what we consume in our modern world so items do not not to be shipped by air or sea is the price of creating a low carbon footprint world.

Do you want your governments buying toys for war or building CLEAN ENERGY PLANTS so we can move towards a world energy grid that uses only renewable energy that is CLEAN and that can be FREE if we take energy out of the hands of energy companies and let our governments around the world BUILD AND RUN RENEWABLE ENERGY PLANTS.

We live in an amazing age, an age where the whole planet is wired to the Internet. We can put GREPA on the lips of everyone on the planet IF YOU USE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA to spread GREPA.

Our future politicians will be elected on one major issue, they either will agree to adopt and ENFORCE GREPA. If they are opposed to GREPA they are in the pockets of oil and energy companies and should not be elected.


Our world does not need gasoline nor carbon power plants nor nuclear power.




GREPA was created to steer mankind to a future where EVERYONE HAS CLEAN FREE ENERGY.

Mankind has become a slave to a few families that have controlled MINERAL RIGHTS AND ENERGY PRODUCTION as well as the banking systems of the world for generations.

It is time for HUMANITY to force GREPA on every government on the planet.

Any nation that does not adopt and enforce GREPA will be penalized by having 500% TARIFFS put on all goods they export.


Let’s take back our FREEDOM, our right to a CLEAN ENVIRONMENT and FREE ENERGY.

Any nation that refuses to join GREPA won’t have a market place to sell the goods they produce with old carbon and nuclear energy that is destroying our planet.

Imagine how much we can produce to HELP HUMANITY when all the money we give to oil and energy companies is used to HELP MANKIND eliminate poverty and hunger around the world.


Your first job as a responsible citizen of PLANET EARTH is to post GREPA LINKS all over social media.

Then elect politicians to ADOPT AND ENFORCE GREPA.

Then the next car you buy needs to be ELECTRIC.

Car companies you have been warned, PRODUCE ELECTRIC CARS IN VOLUME.

Cars are the first step in GREPA, electric cars rid our dependence on oil companies for gasoline.

So tell the world about GREPA

GREPA was officially launched on July 4th 2014.

We now live in the future, a future where humanity becomes responsible for how we treat energy and our environment.







We have the duty to protect our planet and our future for our children and their children.


If any nation decides to not adopt and enforce GREPA then that nation will be penalized, the world that adopts and enforces GREPA will not buy their goods.


The GREPA MANIFESTO you have read was created by Dr. Sol Adoni

GREPA belongs to the world.

If you wish to donate to the NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION that is putting GREPA before the world, please do.

However,  just spreading THE WORD OF GREPA is the most important thing you can do.

We all have jobs and we all live on a fragile planet that NEEDS GREPA.

If you do your job to SPREAD GREPA we will see FREE CLEAN ENERGY FOR EVERYONE.









GREPA is an International Non-Profit Organization


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